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attachedThrottle Mate is patented and precision crafted from polished aluminum with a stainless steel set screw. It can hold up in any weather condition.

Throttle Mate is designed to hold the throttle at the desired RPM easing stress on your throttle hand. Throttle Mate is over-ridable and easily adjusted – even with heavy gloves!

attachedbarrelThrottle Mate can be installed on both the round or the star thumb screw. When ordering, please specify whether round or star thumb screw is needed.
metrickitThrottle Mate is easily installed with one set screw. You can be ready to hit the road in as little as one minute! It fits all Harley Davidson Motorcycles with a factory installed thumb screw. It will also fit most metric bikes with the metric kit. Contact your Throttle Mate dealer for more information.
packageThousands of riders know the convenience of Throttle Mate.
Don’t forget – they make a great gift!metricattached